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Written by Kenny Campbell   

Below is some examples of the animations I have created.



This animation was created for the end credits of a game made for a 2nd year game project called Spirals, the animation was made in Flash.

The game was a puzzle platformer game were you had to move objects and activate interactive objects to navigate your wandering aliens to the goal. The game was light hearted and comic in style with each level based on an emotion.

The animation uses objects and characters from the game.
The game was based on a story by David Eagleman 'Spirals' which can be found in the book Sum: Forty Stories of the Afterlife.




Corruption Corp

This video is the opening title sequence to the game Corruption Corp which was my 3rd year game project at University.

The game is a simulation game where players must win over the government by doing dodgy deals, bribes, spying and leaking information to the press.

This animation set the tone of the game which is that it war and you are walking down the corridors of power to your war room, and in this age that is your phone and computer in your office.




This animation was one of the first I created in XSI to see what the package could and how much I could learn from watching some basic modeling guides.