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Written by Kenny Campbell   

Below are some examples of the games which I have created.



Hell's Hospital



This game has been released on OUYA and has some amazing feedback and reviews.

This is a first person survival platformer, and I am currently working to expand it to

other platforms. 
Reviews of the game can be seen here.
Hardcore Gamer and ReviOUYA








This game has just been released on Android. The initial feedback is that players love

the humour and play style of the game.

The challenge of having over 200 3D objects, particle effects and AI working on a mobile

phone provided many fun hurdles to be overcome.




Unstable Tetris

This game was an experiment to attempt to add a new dimension to an existing classic. For this I took the Tetris format and added gravity and physics. Now players instead of aiming for lines are building for height.

A version of this game was released on the Android Market and is proving to be very popular with players.

A version is available to play on the web here.

Or the Android version can be downloaded from here.



Egyptian Escapades

Egyptian Escapades Screen Shot

This was my Christmas Holiday project.

Egyptian Escapades was an experiment to see if it was possible to recreate old games from the Spectrum/Amstrad era and give them a modern look and feel. To this end I chose to recreate the game OH Mummy!

The game keeps some of the basic elements which is a maze game, chasing Mummies and object collection.

But now that it is in 3D there are proper mazes which feel like real tombs, and other obstacles such as flame throwers, rolling boulders and nasty spikes.

The game only has 5 levels but if you can complete all 5 then you are a true archeologyst.

A playable version of this game be played here.

High score table is included to beat your friends.




Purgatory is a First Person Adventure Puzzle game where the player has arrived in Pugatory and must solve a series of puzzles so they can escape from limbo. The player begins in a Celtic styled nowhere then they progress into Hell and then into Heaven as the solve the puzzles.

The USP of this game is that the player is given no HUD and has to find clues to solving the puzzles in the game environment. This is a work in progress and as such is under constant testing via other Game Design students and other players.

A playable alpha version is available to download here

This is the third game I have created in Unity



Industrial Roller

This is the first game I created in Unity and it is a Marble Madness style of game where the player must activate all switches to complete the level. The level difficulty increases each level with different obstacles the player must negotiate.

Making this game taught me the basics of using Unity.

A playable version of the game can be found here.




PUP The Last Polar Bear

This game was created for Global Game Jam 2011 which had the theme "Extinction". For this we designed a platform game where the player shouted encouragement to PUP to make him jump, swim and save his friend. The game focused more on the emotional bond the player would have with the character as their voice was controlling the character.

The game starts with PUP beside his dead mother on a sinking platform, so the player must choose to die with the mother or run. Once running the player find a 2nd polar bear but she get hurt. The player then has to drag her until it is of no use as that platform is now sinking. The player is then in the dilemma of to stay and die or run for it. If the player chooses to run the run onto a sinking platform which ultimately sees them in the ocean where they have to swim. But no matter how much the player shouts at PUP when they run out of breath PUP will die.

This game got the biggest emotional response at the Scottish Game Jam which was what we were aiming for. News article can be seen here.





Spirals was created for the Integrated Project 2 module on my Game Design course. The game was made in XNA. The mechanics of the game are to guide your alien creatures to the exit by activating fans, opening doors, moving boxes and even flipping the world upside down

This was designed and a vast majority of the coding was completed by myself learning C# as I went. I had no knowledge of C# before this time.





Corruption Corp


Corruption Corp was created for the Integrated Project 3 module on my Game Design course. The game was a joint design by myself and a fellow student with all art work and 3D modeling completed by myself.

The game is a simulation game where players must win over the government by doing dodgy deals, bribes, spying and leaking information to the press.










This was the first ever full game which I made using Adventure Game Studio in 2008. The game is a retro adventure game where the player must find out who killed Uncle Herbert. The style of the game is cartoon comedy which is evident in the humor of the dialog used by the characters, the range of characters from the French maid, Dr Who and the genie from Aladdin.

This was a massive learning curve as I had never used any form of Java before this point.

I posted a copy of this game on a few adventure game forums and i received good feedback about it. Also a fan of the game

created a walkthru which can be found here.

A playable version of the game can be found here.